ODL Teachers Summer School 2017

Teacher School is idea-generating training that shows school teachers a new way to make STEM teaching more exciting and accessible to students. The main objective of the School is to introduce to teachers a use of online virtual experiments and remote laboratories as well as MOOC methodology to help them develop, improve and enhance their teaching materials. During the week they will collaboratively work on creating innovative STEM school approach – micro-MOOCs, and discovering remote & virtual laboratories and their application in education. The course will also strengthen a social connection and European dimension uniting five national teams from Italy, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania and Spain.
The event will take place in Acicastello (Catania), Italy, 17-22 July 2017.


Bilbao, Spain: Multiplier Event

We are glad to report on the completion of the set of the multiplier events provided to Bilbao teachers.
The main objectives of this action as follows:

• Understand the different approaches of Technology use in school class instruction
• Explain what is micro-MOOC and show their simple examples incorporated with online laboratories.
• Train teachers to design short interactive video using free tool Powtoon.
• Train how to design micro-MOOC and discuss the developed micro-MOOC

38 teachers during 3 days were working on a use of the Powtoon tool for design of animations for classroom actions and design a micro-MOOC for different science topics. Thanks them to their interest to the delivered topic.
We are looking forward for next meetings with these teachers and happy to support them in a development of different teaching materials for their students.


Multiplier Event in Tenerife

9-10 February, 2017 we organize the multiplier event in Tenerife, Spain. The MOOC approach in the school environment and micro-MOOC methodology were introduced to more than 25 participants – teachers secondary schools. A special learning activity was organized for teachers to train them how to design the micro-MOOC scenarios and use the STEM remote and virtual laboratories in a classroom.
Very soon we will see the results of this action having several micro-MOOCs developed by these participants.


Meeting at Athens

The working transnational meeting took place in Athens, Greece. Ellinogermaniki Agogi hosts the event.

We have discussed the multiplayer events that were started in partners countries. The Teacher School procedure was deliberated and created. The management activity was examined and evaluated.


ODL Multiplier Event in Lithuania

On the 23rd of September, 2016 Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM association) organized the ODL project Multiplier event in Klaipėda, Lithuania.

More than 30 teachers were introduced with MOOC approach in the school environment, basic structure of mMOOC and ODL MOOC platform. Teachers actively discussed on the mMOOC  with STEM laboratories potential in the school sector and what functionality they need from the ODL MOOC platform.’17

Special Track OEEE’17 “Online Experimentation in Science and Engineering Education” at the Experiment@ International Conference 2017 (’17). It is good place to work collaboratively in emerging technologies, bringing together engineers, researchers and professionals from different areas such as pedagogy, psychology, medicine and so on.
More info on the conference website


mMOOC – first steps

Yesterday, April 28, 2016, Iratxe Mentxaka and me  had an amazing talk with secondary school teachers of the city Bilbao. Elena Martinez, Nuria Aguado, Elvira Gonzalez, and Luis Zaballos ( from left to right)  are the advisers on innovative and creative teaching in STEM subjects in the Berritzegune ( Ministry of Education , Basque Country) .  This time we have discussed an implementation of MOOC approach in a school curricular; the barriers and limitation in the school habit life for this new methodology that is very popular and successful in an adult education.

The protocol on mMOOC development is a main result of this fruitful debate.

Kick-Off Meeting, Bilbao


The ODL Kick-Off meeting took place 10-11 December 2015 at Bilbao, Spain. Representatives five EU institution Greece,  Estonia, Italia, Lithuania and Spain discussed the objectives of the project, workload, milestones and performance indicators.